Detection and Protection against all Client-Side Threats

Source Defense is a mission critical element of web security designed to protect data at the point of input. The Source Defense Platform provides a simple and effective solution for data security and data privacy compliance – addressing threats and risks originating from the increased use of JavaScript, third-party vendors, and open-source code in your web properties. The Platform provides options for securing your own code, as well as addressing a ubiquitous gap in the management of third-party digital supply chain risk – controlling the actions of the third-party, fourth and nth party JavaScript that powers your site experience.

The Source Defense Platform protects against all forms of client-side security incidents – keylogging, formjacking, digital skimming, Magecart, etc. – by extending web security beyond the server to the client-side (the browser). Additionally, it provides compliance assurance with strict data privacy mandates such as PCI DSS, GDPR and CCPA by preventing the dozens of third-party partners on your websites from reading or storing data without authorization.

The Platform requires virtually no-effort to implement, less than five hours of management per month and delivers immediate benefits to all of your stakeholders – from the Digital and ecommerce teams that need to continually enhance your web properties, to the Security teams entrusted to mitigate cyber risk, to the Compliance teams that must ensure adherence to a variety of data privacy requirements.

Key Features

  • Patented technology designed with simplicity in mind – solving a complex problem without adding strain to your already strained security operation
  • Options to secure both your own code and that of your 3rd party partners
  • Multiple solutions and deployment options to fit your specific needs and budget
  • Complete visibility into your website partner ecosystem – allowing you to know what script is running and what it is doing
  • Security and compliance assurance – protecting your websites from the risk of data theft and data leakage
  • Complete control – enabling you to apply your own security and compliance policy controls over the behavior of every script running on your site
  • Ability to integrate technology actions and threat intelligence to further strengthen your security posture

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Why Source Defense

Pioneer in Client-Side Security

Source Defense currently protects more than $20bn in annual revenues and thwarts 8bn compliance policy violations per year

Best in Breed Technology

The only purpose-built, patented technology for both detection and real-time protection against client-side threats

Multiple Deployment Options

External monitoring, detection and alerting or real-time, automated protection

Source Defense Detect

Source Defense Detect utilizes external scanning, AI driven algorithm detection and advanced alerting to inform you of client-side threat activity and data privacy compliance violations

  • No need to touch site code to deploy
  • Tuned to reduce false positives and prevent unnecessary noise
  • Multiple options for scanning frequency
  • Packages for small, medium and large websites

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Source Defense Protect

Source Defense Protect provides automated protection against client-side threats. It acts as a sandbox for the JavaScript running on your website (whether your own or your partners’) – preventing any malicious activity at the point of data input.

  • Deployed with two simple lines of code on your websites
  • Real-time isolation of JavaScript (1st or 3rd party)
  • Fully automated, machine-learning assisted policy implementation
  • Full visibility and control over the access and permissions of all 3rd party tools on your websites
  • Packages for small, medium and large websites

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