Detect, Protect & Manage all Client-Side Threats

Source Defense Platform

The products powered by the Source Defense Platform protect online businesses against automated attacks and client-side threats, and improve operational efficiency. Source Defense is an analyst-recognized pioneer and innovator of technologies that leverage machine learning, industry regulations and best practices to improve website security and efficiency. With our technology, you never have to choose between innovating and protecting what matters most, your customers & their data.

Key Capabilities

  • Unify protection capabilities onto a single, easy-to-use interface that can be accessed and centrally controlled
  • Understand the nature and intention of client-side security breaches
  • Integrate technology actions and threat intelligence to further strengthen a company‚Äôs cybersecurity posture

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Why Source Defense

Client-Side Security Experts

Authoritative source on Magecart, Formjacking threats, Javascript, Libraries and open source risks

Best in Breed Technology

The only purpose-built, patented technology for real-time protection & detection

Website Integrity Assurance

Preserve the end-user expeience eliminating unnecessary latency and protecting the customer journey


The ADMIN management console encompasses security management in an all-in-one, single scalable system for full threat visibility and control across all your client-side security products.


VICE isolates all 3rd party JavaScript from the webpage in real-time and leverages a fully automated and machine-learning assisted set of policies that control the access and permissions of all 3rd party tools operating on a website (including the 4th and 5th parties they chain-in).


WiPP protects websites and web applications from online attacks originating from first-party code, insider threat attacks, and vulnerabilities introduced by open source libraries.