Client-Side Security

A critical component of 3rd party risk management

If you haven’t addressed client-side security, your WebSec strategy is incomplete. The 3rd party digital supply chain that your business relies upon to drive the user experience is the same pathway your adversaries rely upon to steal sensitive customer data – credit card data, PII, PHI…it is all ready for the taking due to the vulnerabilities introduced by the 3rd party JavaScript running on your web properties. 

You need to enable the business – which means you can’t do away with these third parties – but you need to also ensure data is protected at the point of input. Without full visibility into your 3rd party digital supply chain, or a mechanism to control the actions of the scripts running on your websites, your organization is at risk of material losses both in the form of security response and fines for data privacy non-compliance. 

Cyber-criminals have shifted their focus to stealing data at the point of input. Source Defense is the pioneer in client-side security and we want to help you better understand the issue and plug this critical gap in your websec strategy. Below you can find a number of resources that will help you better understand the client-side security and data privacy issue. 

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The Hidden Risk in Your Digital Supply Chain

Client-side attacks represent some of the biggest security and compliance threats today for retailers. The unfortunate result of these attacks is massive data theft, including customer personally identifiable information (PII) and financial data such as credit card information.

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Web App Client-Side protection

The Dawn of Web App Client-side Protection – Gartner Has It Right

There is a ubiquitous and majorly overlooked security gap enabling hackers to exploit vulnerabilities in the first, 3rd and nth party JavaScript running on the client-side (the browser). These scripts are universally employed and much of the threat surface comes from the supply chain vendors use to enhance user experience, engagement and drive analytic insights.

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Out of Compliance and Out of Sight

Cybersecurity - Out of compliance and out of sight

How much do you know about client-side attacks on web applications? Did you know that this is an area of 3rd party risk that is lingering on your customer facing websites? Did you know that these attacks could cost you millions in losses?

Digital skimming, formjacking, clickjacking, ad injection, content defacement, and Magecart attacks are some of the biggest threats to organizations doing business online. These attacks take advantage of vulnerabilities utilized first- and third-party JavaScript running on websites. 

Download this whitepaper to learn more about: 

  • The growing pace of these attacks and the targets of choice for the adversaries behind them 
  • The real-world cost of client-side attacks experienced by recent victims 
  • How the 3rd party vendors you count on are opening the door to these attacks 
  • How to address the problem – with advice on driving the internal conversation and finding an ideal solution

Cybercriminals like those in the Magecart syndicate are increasingly targeting unprotected web applications on the client side because the JavaScript security gap highlighted here is an opportunity too lucrative for them to ignore.



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