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    VICE for financial institutions

    Money isn't your institution's most important asset – trust is. But can you trust the scripts that provide the dozens of services your institution relies on to do business? Are the scripts they provide safe? Or have hackers gotten their hooks into those scripts – and your site? There's only one way to be sure that scripts are safe – with Source Defense’s Vice's cybersecurity system, the only one that protects sites from third-party script hacking.

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    VICE for insurance companies and HMO's

    You do everything possible to keep your users safe – but there are some things that are out of your control. If hackers get hold of one of the third-party scripts on your site, how do you stop them? You can't – unless you're using the Source Defense’s Vice cybersecurity system, the only one that protects sites from third-party script hacking.

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    VICE for eCommerce and classifieds

    The struggle to keep your data safe is relentless, finding ways to avoid scraping, trying to encrypt and keep your profit centers from being hijacked and used by others. But no matter how hard you worked, you still find yourself at risk from your own partners and services. If hackers get hold of one of the third-party scripts on your site, how do you stop them? How do you manage the risks of attacks coming through vendors and services you simply must use? Unless you have Source Defense’s Vice's cybersecurity system, you can't.

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    VICE for content sites

    Malvertising has become one of the biggest threats to web sites - up a whopping 132% in 2016! Can you guarantee visitors to your site that they won't be victims of a malvertising scam? With Source Defense’s Vice's security system to control third-party code on your site, you can.

Source Defense's VICE protect websites from third-party vulnerabilities

Whether you realize it or not, almost every website relies on dozens of third-parties to provide the best experience to end-users, these are used for advertising, analytics, enhancing visual appearance of the page, or advanced marketing solutions. Instead of targeting large websites directly, hackers today are targeting vulnerabilities in third-party companies and use these as a gateway to penetrate their clients. Getting hacked is no fun, so imagine doing everything right and still getting hacked because one of your content or service providers have been compromised. This happens all the time – with over 50% of web site attacks originating from third-party scripts.

The web is an interesting and cool place, and there are hundreds of companies out there that can help make your site more interesting and cool than your competitors'. To provide these services, you include a script from a service provider on your site – and they do the rest. But there's a problem; you have no control over that script, and if it's hacked, the service provider's problem is now your problem.

Your site is now at risk of getting blacklisted by Google, and blackballed by users, which could mean huge losses, or even the demise of your site. Don't be a victim. Source Defense’s Vice is the only system that keeps the ill-effects of hacked third-party scripts away from your site and your users. Source Defense’s Vice gives the site owner, complete control over the third-party code on the site.

Forget other solutions like code review; no one has time to review code on a daily basis, and hackers can work their "magic" via scripts and target specific user groups that you have no chance to find. There is no real way a site administrator can predict if a script will be compromised, or even if it's now attacking specific users. With Source Defense’s Vice's system, what happens on the remote script provider's site doesn't matter; your site is secure, because you now have control over what those scripts do. With Source Defense’s Vice, you, your users – and your investors – can sleep soundly.