PCI DSS 4.0 makes client-side security a priority

Source Defense delivers a solution for 6.4.3 and 11.6.1 without adding burden to your security teams

Client-side attacks happen by the hundreds per day

An attack could cost you millions in response costs, fines and judgements

Stop letting shadow code load in every user session

Support your zero-trust ambitions with a solution that adds no additional burden to your teams

Source Defense protects the world's largest websites from client-side risk

1bn monthly page visits protected | 2bn compliance violations thwarted

Why Source Defense?

Client-side Security Experts

Authoritative source on Magecart, Formjacking threats, Javascript libraries and open source risks

Best in Breed Technology

The only purpose-built, patented technology for real-time protection & detection

Website Integrity Assurance

Preserve the end-user experience, eliminate unnecessary latency and protect the customer journey

As far as things that are easy wins in Information Security, as few as they are, Source Defense VICE is a gem. From onboarding to normalized operations, the Source Defense team moves quickly and efficiently to protect customer sites. Customers have a clear and simple dashboard to utilize although you won’t have much reason to logon.

— Director of Information Security

The Source Defense team is constantly monitoring and adapting the system to provide you with the best security service. The lack of alerts to you from Source Defense is a testament to the efficiency of the machine learning and the Source Defense human intelligence team. Learn a new way to spend your nights and weekends – relaxing. So easy, works so well, unconscionable for an information security professional to not have Source Defense VICE in place.

— Director of Information Security

As the threat of Magecart-style attacks continues to rise it’s easier to sleep at night knowing Source Defense is protecting our website from the client side 24 hours a day. As our website continues to rapidly grow and utilize third-party functionality we no longer feel like we are rolling the dice with trusting what third-party tools are accessing sensitive information on the client-side.

— IT Director of Retail Systems and Architecture