Protect the Digital Checkout Lanes

Protect Data at the Point of Input

As a leader in the Retail sector, you’ve likely experienced an ecommerce surge over the past two years that was once predicted to take a decade. Along with this surge comes the demand for new tools and partners to enhance the user experience, collect visitor analytics, process credit cards, and more. You need to be in the driver’s seat and be able to constantly evolve your web properties – but you know from Security and Compliance that they have major concerns every time you seek to add new script from 3rd party partners. 

Your partner ecosystem does put you at risk of both data leakage and data theft. Security incidents and data privacy non-compliance incidents could put your organization at risk of losing millions.  As a party responsible for driving e-commerce revenue, it is critical that you understand this risk.

Below you can find a number of resources that will help you better understand the critical need to protect your digital checkout lanes – the need to protect data at the point of input. 

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The Hidden Risk in Your Digital Supply Chain

Understanding the Security and Compliance Gap that Could Cost You Millions

Hidden Risk in your Digital Supply Chain Whitepaper

The recent rapid growth in ecommerce is causing an uptrend in sales for brands, marketplaces, and other online retail venues. However, it’s also fueling an entirely different trend — the growth in client-side cyberattacks driven through retail web applications.

Client-side attacks represent some of the biggest security and compliance threats today for retailers. The unfortunate result of these attacks is massive data theft, including customer personally identifiable information (PII) and financial data such as credit card information. 

65% of ecommerce shoppers say that “experiencing even a single data security breach would prompt them to leave a merchant for good.” 

To avoid becoming the subject of a devastating headline and losing a vast majority of your customers, client-side attacks on retail web applications should be high on the list of security and compliance threats your organization needs to address immediately.

Download the white paper to dive into:

  • The price of underestimating 3rd party risk and JavaScript vulnerabilities
  • Why current security measures aren’t enough
  • How to protect your client-side web applications 
  • Steps you need to take to detect, protect, and prevent client-side attacks


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