Gain Critical Insights into Third-Party Digital Supply Chain Risk Management

A quantitative analysis of 4,300 websites

Is your ecommerce website truly secure? The digital landscape is bustling with innovation, driven by the integration of third-party scripts that enhance user experience and functionality. But do you know the risks these third-party partners introduce? Dive into the world of client-side security and uncover the hidden threats that could compromise your business.

If your organization conducts transactions or collects sensitive data online, you need to consider your web properties a critical focal area of 3rd party risk management. If you are bound by compliance programs such as a PCI DSS – you’re now guided to focus on the client-side threat introduced by your digital supply chain.


PCI DSSThe Silent Risks of Third-Party Scripts

Third-party scripts have become a cornerstone of modern web development, empowering websites to offer advanced features and captivating experiences. However, beneath their surface lies a lurking danger—shadow code. This unverified code injected by third parties can exploit vulnerabilities, evade traditional security measures, and potentially expose your ecommerce business to data breaches.

To ensure compliance with data privacy mandates such as GDPR, you need to get a handle on what your partners are doing with the data they have access to – use this report as a first step in understanding the scope of these issues.

Download our State of the Industry Report to:

  • Discover how organizations can use information about third-party scripts to strengthen security
  • Examine third-party risk analysis findings from two real organizations; a leading brokerage and banking firm and a global hotel and hospitality company
  • Access a detailed analysis of the six types of features that could be exploited by bad actors
  • Explore the average number of third-party and fourth-party scripts on websites, by industry: e-commerce, travel and hospitality, healthcare, and finance and financial services

The modern website has a 3rd party digital supply chain of its own. These partners play a critical role in user experience, in site performance, in analytics and in driving improved conversion rates.

They also introduce security and compliance risks that are too often overlooked when considering 3rd party risk management and adherence to strict data privacy mandates such as GDPR.

Download our State of the Industry Report

To shed light on the risks introduced through this critical digital supply chain, we scanned the top 4,300 websites by traffic worldwide and analyzed the data to provide answers to questions such as:

  • How many partners are involved in the average website?
  • Are these partners opening the door to attacks and breaches? 
  • What are the types of attacks that you might be exposed to?