WARNING - Unsecured Digital Supply Chain

Use of Unsecured eCommerce Checkout Pages Could Be Harmful to your Customers Identity

Hidden Risk in your Digital Supply Chain WhitepaperAs a business owner, we understand that you value your customers’ security and want to provide a safe ecommerce shopping experience. However, the growth of ecommerce has le to an increase in client-side cyberattacks that can post a threat to your customers’ identity.

Client-side attacks are a major security and compliance threat for retailers, and they can result in massive data theft, including your customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) and financial data such as credit card information. 

In fact, 65% of e-commerce shoppers say that experiencing even a single data security breach would prompt them to leave a merchant for good.

To protect your customers’ identities and avoid becoming the subject of a devastating headline, it is essential to prioritize security and compliance threats posed by client-side attacks on retail web applications. 

Download the white paper to dive into:

  • The price of underestimating 3rd party risk and JavaScript vulnerabilities
  • Why current security measures aren’t enough
  • How to protect your client-side web applications
  • Steps you need to take to detect, protect, and prevent client-side attacks

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