Client-Side Risk Report

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Source Defense protects the worlds largest websites from digital skimming attacks

Discover insights into security and data privacy compliance issues caused by the third parties that power your site. We will scan your website, detect vulnerabilities, and show you how we can help protect against them.

Organizations that rely solely on server-side security are highly vulnerable to client-side attacks. The sensitive data, credit card information and PII that your clients entrust you with can be stolen by highly motived actors, then quickly monetized.

Source Defense Risk ReportThis custom report will:

  • Provide a full inventory of your integrations
  • Highlight potential data leakage and theft pathways
  • Give a full understanding of script behaviors
  • Provide advice on ways to secure and remediate

3rd party JavaScript integrations introduce a universal vulnerability that attackers have used to compromise thousands of websites globally. Source Defense gives you insight into the risks that JavaScript integrations and third-party tools used on your website introduce. 

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