A Single Data Breach Could Cost You 20% of Your Customers

Security and privacy are as important to your online customers as the products you sell, so much so that 78% of consumers will think twice about doing business with a brand after a data breach.

The trouble is that the partners you trust to power the online experience are putting you and your customers at risk of breach. The code they run in every customer web session – which you don’t control and which changes on average 12 times a day – creates a widening data privacy and security gap that leaves you vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Payment fraudsters are targeting websites like yours with magecart attacks, digital skimming/eskimming, and clickjacking attacks, and they aren’t stopping. But, you can quickly stop them in their tracks – safeguarding your brand and customers.

You’ve done a lot of work building your business — now it’s time to protect it.

Protecting the Digital Checkout Lane

Understanding the Web Security Gap That Puts Brand Trust at Risk

Learn about:

  • How digital skimming attacks work
  • The impact of data theft on brand trust
  • Concrete ways to assess and mitigate your website risk

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