I am not a big fan of the “why I joined” posts, so I thought I’d try a different angle… I want to talk about the things I’ve learned in my first 60 days since I came on board as CEO of Source Defense. I’m surprised it has already been 60 days, although in reality, it seems like I am already 6 months in the job.

Amazing talent is not only found in Tel Aviv

Many people have told me that Tel Aviv is the place to be if you want to hire great talent. Well, Source Defense’s head office is located in Rosh-Ha’ayin (30 minutes from Tel Aviv), with an additional branch in Beer Sheva (the Cyber Capital of the World). After having one-on-ones with all employees, I can honestly say that true talent can be found all over Israel, and even more when I include our US team. I’m extremely fortunate that many of them chose to work at Source Defense.

So much cyber – it’s not easy being a CISO

For the past 20 years, I’ve been working in the cyber arena. From Privileged Access through Cloud Database protection to Endpoint Protection. I’ve met with so many CISO’s and security executives and have discussed the different aspects of security. But over the past 60 days, I realized that the biggest security risk is the blind spot you overlook – the 3rd party scripts on your website (and even worse, the 4th and 5th parties that you might not even know about). This is becoming a hot ticket on the CISO list – and Symantec stated it best in their last report – Formjacking and Magecart attacks have become the #1 risk for organizations.

A virtual “CT scan” – prior to visiting your doctor

Having been in sales for the majority of my career, I have always wanted a way to know in advance if the customer I am meeting with is vulnerable to a problem that my offering can solve. It has always been this special dance we had to go through in order to have a better idea. At Source Defense, we have a pre-sales risk assessment tool that we run on the prospective client’s website and arrive to a discovery meeting with a detailed “CT Scan”.  Dreams really do come true.

When you shop online at work, is it really considered work?

I am very familiar with walking around the office, nearing an employee and watching their screen quickly change to a detailed Excel file or an impressive slide deck. But at Source Defense, I walk around the office and see everyone shopping, buying airline tickets, or gambling online. After I realized that no one switches their screen once I arrived at their desk, I had to pick an employee as an example, and show that this was unacceptable. Note to self – don’t pick on your QA rep – he is just doing testing on our customer’s sites; I slowly made the “walk of shame” back to my desk.

No traffic – no calls

For many years I was used to a 1-hour commute to and from work. To maintain my sanity, I used the time for making calls. In the last 60 days, I can no longer continue this routine – because when you drive to and from work, avoiding the major traffic jams, and it is only a 15 minutes ride, by the time you manage to dial you’ve already arrived.

You’ll reach the moon by the time you’re 21

Or so said the fortune on my favorite bubble-gum wrapper when I was a kid. I always thought this was crazy, but after joining Source Defense as CEO – oh boy, the fortunes and rumors were unbelievable ????

So, with 60 days behind me, and this great journey continues. I wonder what I will learn

in the next 60 days…

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