SecurityScorecard, a key Source Defense partner and the global leader in cybersecurity ratings, recently launched its Integrate360° Marketplace, the industry’s first ecosystem for cyber risk ratings. For the first time, security professionals have a one-stop shop to discover, unlock, and deploy trusted partner solutions and pre-built integrations. Source Defense is proud to be amongst the first solution providers to offer critical security technology via the Integrate360° Marketplace.

SecurityScorecard assessments, powered by Source Defense’s technology, now include a list and map of all foreign JavaScript, including 3rd parties, 4th parties and more, to provide a full view of the assets and information on the risk that JavaScript adds for visitors to the customer’s websites.

Source Defense provides essential insight into this JavaScript code, including pages with sensitive data where foreign code executes, what exploitable behaviors foreign code may perform, and areas where customer data may be exposed to both outside vendors and attackers.

Armed with this valuable information, security practitioners now have a straightforward path to get started with the patented, real-time prevention technologies provided by Source Defense. Key features of the Source Defense platform include:

  • Detection of all foreign and native JavaScript executing in a visitor’s web browser every time they visit your website
  • Protection for customer data from leakage to 3rd party vendors or hackers 
  • Prevention of sophisticated client-side attacks such as e-skimming, Formjacking, and Magecart attacks. 

Together, the SecurityScorecard Integrate360° Marketplace and the Source Defense client-side security platform provide simple and efficient tools to identify and manage client-side risk for any organization, across all industries.

To learn more about the Source Defense and SecurityScorecard Partnership, read the press release here. Want to see the Source Defense Platform in action? Request a demo!

PCI DSS 4.0 makes client-side security a priority.

Source Defense delivers a solution for 6.4.3 and 11.6.1 without adding a burden to your security teams.