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Secure Your Ecommerce Website from Client-Side attacks

Understand the Security and Compliance Gap that Could Cost You Millions

Protect your website from client-side attacks.

Hidden Risk in your Digital Supply Chain Whitepaper

A popular target for hacks will always be ecommerce websites. They are troves of financial and personal information for cyber criminals. 

The cost of a breach, including the loss of data and the erosion of client confidence, can be extremely costly for organizations of all kinds.

When it comes to the client-side supply chain attack surface, Source Defense offers real-time insight, fine control, detects and proactively protects against bad actors.

Read this whitepaper to learn:

  • The price of underestimating 3rd party risk and JavaScript vulnerabilities
  • Why current security measures aren’t enough
  • How to protect your client-side web applications
  • Steps you need to take to detect, protect, and prevent client-side attacks

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