Discover the Holistic Approach to Protecting Credit Card Payment Flows

Gain valuable insights on safeguarding sensitive data.

Concerned about the security of credit card payment flows and the protection of sensitive data?

 “A Holistic Approach to Protecting Credit Card Payment Flows” provides a comprehensive overview of the latest updates to PCI DSS 4.0 and offers expert recommendations on how to safeguard your payment pages. 

Download this white paper, you’ll gain valuable insights into the eSkimming problem, the new requirements of PCI DSS 4.0, and insight into how Source Defense can help you meet these requirements.

"Effective adoption of these controls will go a long way to protecting consumers and mitigating reputational risk for merchants."

Why download the white paper?

  • Stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape: Learn about the growing risks of eSkimming and how cybercriminals are targeting sensitive data directly at the point of input in online forms.
  • Understand the new requirements of PCI DSS 4.0: Get a comprehensive overview of the most significant update in 10 years and discover how it expands the scope to address eSkimming and protect consumer data.
  • Enhance your security posture: Implement a holistic approach to risk management by adopting the best practices outlined in this white paper, and gain peace of mind knowing that you’re taking proactive steps to safeguard your customers’ sensitive information.

Download the whitepaper here

Gain expert perspectives on why these controls are critical for your security framework and how they integrate seamlessly with best practices for risk management. Take the first step towards enhanced security.

Don’t leave your e-commerce payment security to chance. Get access to the full white paper and take the first step towards a more secure online payment process.

About Source Defense

As a PCI Participating Organization and the pioneer in eSkimming security, Source Defense played a role in the development of new requirements for web security found in PCI DSS 4.0.

We’ve helped thousands of the world’s leading brands address these issues. We’ve also been educating merchants, QSAs, PSPs, eCommerce Platform providers and virtually every stakeholder in PCI compliance on the vulnerabilities in modern website design that make eSkimming attacks possible. We’ve made it our misison to provide guidance around ambiguity in the standard; advise on the pros and cons of approaches provided by the council and we recently launched a free assessment, monitoring and management solution for both merchants and their QSAs.