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Assess, manage and report on the web security requirements in PCI DSS 4.0

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Source Defense is proud to offer a FREE solution to address strict new requirements for website security in PCI DSS 4.0. Available for Merchants as a management solution and to help QSAs assess compliance, the Source Defense lets you assess, monitor and report on compliance with all aspects of 6.4.3 and 11.6.1.

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  • Inventory:  get an inventory of every script running on website payment pages, including a method for monitoring and tracking additions (required under 6.4.3)
  • Justification: gain the ability to seek, document and manage justification of any scripts on website payment pages (required under 6.4.3)
  • Integrity Monitoring: address the stringent requirement for weekly integrity monitoring of HTTPS header and scripts found on website payment pages
  • Alerting: alert on suspicious and malicious activity found on website payment pages (required under 11.6.1)
  • Blocking: feed alerts to your security team or automatically block all suspicious and malicious activity by upgrading (required under 11.6.1)

PCI DSS Freemium Tool from Source Defense

Make a complex set of requirements easy for all involved! 

  • Effortlessly gain full compliance visibility
  • Quickly identify any gaps and drive remediation
  • Manage your posture with a simple to use dashboard
  • One-click reporting to share findings and enrich broader compliance activities
  • Easily integrate findings into your monthly, quarterly and yearly PCI processes
  • Streamline management of these requirements with little to no workload


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