Digital Skimming - A Threat to Your Customers and Brand

Must Know Facts and Questions to Ask about New eCommerce Threats

Digital Skimming attacks are on the rise and the vast majority of eCommerce sites are exposed. 75% of all breaches Visa investigated last year involved eCommerce sites – with digital skimming attacks the top of the list.

The bad news is that the partners you trust to power the customer experience are inadvertently opening the door to these attacks – exposing your customers to credit card fraud and identity theft.

The good news is that closing the door on these attacks can be done rapidly, at nominal cost and without adding burden on your teams.

READ ME – For a quick primer on the problem and the steps you need to take to mitigate this risk.

Learn about:

  • How digital skimming attacks work
  • The impact of data theft on brand trust
  • Ways to quickly assess and mitigate your website risk
  • Critical questions you and your teams need to be asking about eCommerce security