What is a Virtual Page?

A virtual page is a small block of connected, and fixed length, data that makes up virtual memory. Virtual pages are the smallest units of data as it pertains to virtual memory in an operating system. This minute piece of data collectively plays a much larger role as it relates to the storage and transfer of virtual memory to a physical memory block.

Functionality of a Virtual Page in Relation to Virtual Memory

A virtual page connects to a larger system that relates to virtual memory. This space exists as a virtual storage on an operating system that can be transferred to a physical memory storage known as the process of paging. Within the operating system, only virtual memory can be stored whereas the transfer that takes place towards a physical memory storage refers to the hardware that holds the transmitted data.

A Virtual Page is a representation of the DOM which is selectively reflected back to the user’s DOM depending on the security level and policies as defined for the script or scripts running within the Virtual Page.