ROSH HAAYIN, Israel, Feb. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Source Defense, the market leader in client-side web security, today released a new threat research report titled, “Client-Side Web Security Report.” This marks the first of its kind client-side web security specific report and lab that studies, analyzes, and publishes threat focused research. The Source Defense Research Lab serves as a central hub that integrates a diversity of data and releases reports along with significant findings to inform the security industry on client-side security attacks and trends.

Source Defense leverages the power of machine learning and applies a fully automated and dynamic set of rules and policies that control the access and permission of all third-party JavaScript tools operating on a website. The company’s real-time platform utilizes real-time sandbox isolation technology to provide a unique client-side website security solution focused on preventing malicious activity originating from website supply chain vendors, also known as Magecart and Formjacking attacks.

“Third-party risk is real and threat actors are only going to become more sophisticated in the next decade using relatively unknown techniques to cause the next wave of data breaches,” said Dan Dinnar, CEO of Source Defense. “Source Defense protects against the attacks that sneak past traditional security measures and wreak havoc on corporate websites. Our Research Lab is going to be the industry standard in Client-Side web attacks, trends, and predictions for companies and their customers.”

For this report, Source Defense’s analysis uniquely focuses on attack activity from third-party scripts. Source Defense aggregated data from over 500 third-party scripts to determine which nations are affected, what activity the unauthorized scripts are performing on the website, the sensitive data being accessed, and the most vulnerable industries. Source Defense’s study is based on 2019 data collected from a global network and includes hundreds of millions of requests anonymized over thousands of domains. 

The report provides a thorough explanation of the top industry affected by Magecart’s targeted efforts on payment and login pages. Additionally, the new research ranks how the US, Canada, and the UK rank amongst each other when it comes to impact by third-party breaches. Finally, the analysis addresses potential exposure to fourth-and-fifth party tools and where global compliance frameworks and guidelines fit into the equation.

Key Findings:

  • There are over 200 code changes on every website that website owners need to manage every month
  • The average number of 3rd+ parties on sensitive pages is 20 scripts
  • The top industries affected by Magecart are Travel, Finance, and Healthcare, not including eCommerce, which ranks number one

With technology exponentially growing at a rapid rate unlike any other time, it’s imperative to know how to detect and defend against attacks. Source Defense’s approach to client-side web security offers immeasurable guidance surrounding the nature and impact of threats to those on the frontline of website security.

About Source Defense

Source Defense is the market leader in client-side web security, providing real time threat protection against vulnerabilities originating in third-party scripts such as Magecart and Formjacking attacks.

With their patented VICE platform, Source Defense protects web pages from vulnerabilities in third-party scripts. Source Defense’s solution isolates those scripts from the web page and allows them to read and write according to a given permission either defined by Source Defense’s recommended standards, or specific company policies. 

Source Defense extends the traditional security perimeter to protect your customers and fortify your security stack in real-time.

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