Protect the Online Checkout Lane this Shopping Season

Plug a major gap in your web security during the code freeze period

Code Freeze
The code freeze period is upon us – lock down the websites, make no changes during the holiday shopping surge. But the threat of cybercrime attacks heats up during this period hotter than any other time in the year.
If you have 3rd party partners powering your website experience, you have a major gap in web security that cyber criminals know how to exploit. The JavaScript that you allow these partners to run in every user session has become a new favored vector of attack.
Criminals are focused on stealing data at the point of input with techniques like formjacking, clickjacking, digital skimming, Magecart, etc. And while you might have to freeze out code changes, you do not have to leave this gap open to them.

Freeze Out the Criminals with Source Defense Detect

Engage with Source Defense now and we will give you a level of security during this time that you’ve never enjoyed. We’re offering you a special program to protect your sites during the code freezer period.

Source Defense Detect is an external scanning, detection and alerting system for client-side attacks.

With Source Defense Detect, we will remotely inspect your sites for signs of malicious activity. we’ll give your Security and Compliance teams all of the insights they need to both shut down data theft and ensure data security compliance.

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Our Offer to You: 

  1. We’ll give you an immediate solution that scans your web properties for signs of malicious activity, data theft and data leakage
  2. This solution will inventory and inspect all 3rd party (and beyond) JavaScript operating on your site
  3. We’ll use synthetic data to monitor script operation and flag any data theft or leakage concerns
  4. You’ll have access to a data rich portal to inspect the alerts and take action
  5. We’ll give you this program with modified terms to streamline your internal processes – we’ll take care of you during the code freeze and if we do our job, we’ll keep supporting you for the rest of the year

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