Protect Your Website from First Party Attacks

Source Defense WiPP

Website in Page Protection (WiPP) is a unique component of the Source Defense Platform that protects websites from online attacks originating from first-party code, insider threat attacks and vulnerabilities introduced by open source libraries.
Source Defense WiPP utilizes a two-step management approach that:

  1. Detects all scripts in real-time on each web page
  2. Reports what actions those scripts take: accessing sensitive fields, capturing keystrokes and more

After the system has collected that information, an administrator can decide which of the scripts need to have access to information present on the webpage, and which do not.

Once appropriate permission has been granted to only the scripts which require it, all other scripts accessing sensitive information will be blocked and their behavior will be recorded for future analysis.

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Reduce Risk of Data Breaches

  • Detect and prevent digital skimming and Magecart attacks on first parties
  • Prevent attacks from internal threats
  • Protect theft of visitor information from every angle of attack

Visibility & Control

  • Real-time and full visibility of script interactions
  • Visibility into information scripts are trying to capture
  • Website in page protection of sensitive fields (PII, GDPR, CPAA)

Easy to Deploy

  • Seamlessly deploy by simply copying and pasting two lines of code into your website’s page headers
  • Agentless, SaaS-based offering
  • Simple and powerful two-step management process ensures efficient and secure protection

Our Technology

Key Capabilities

  • Protect websites from attacks originating within first-party code, open source libraries, insider attacks and more
  • Real-time detection & protection
  • Provide only the strictest level of necessary
  • Detailed analysis of script behavior, actions taken and necessary permissions
  • Simple copy-and-paste deployment

Our Platform

Source Defense is a pioneer and innovator of technologies that leverage machine learning, industry regulations and best practices toextend website security to the client itself, the web browser. With the Source Defense platform, you never have to choose between innovating and protecting what matters most, your customers & their data.