• Be ready for the GDPR
    Protect the privacy and identity of your users
  • Prevent credential theft
    Prevent access to your user's credentials
  • Lock sensitive areas
    Prevent access to areas with sensitive information.
  • Prevent Phishing scams
    Prevent users from getting to phishing areas or pages from your site
Third-party scripts are executed on the user's browser, basically after all layers of protection we have had concluded their work. Once loaded, these JavaScript components now have full access to our page, they are able to change them, access all information in them (including forms) and can even record keystrokes and save them. Because third-party scripts are hosted on a remote location, site owners are unable to monitor any changes made to them. If and when a third-party vendor is hacked and has its code change to hide malicious activity; we, as site owners are oblivious to it

VICE for financial institutions

Money isn't your institution's most important asset – trust is. But can you trust the scripts that provide the dozens of services your institution relies on to do business? Are the scripts they provide safe? Or have hackers gotten their hooks into those scripts – and your site? There's only one way to be sure that scripts are safe – with Source Defense’s Vice's cybersecurity system, the only one that protects sites from third-party script hacking.

Cyber-security is a top priority for any financial institution or organization, and to protect users, institutions invest millions of dollars a year on server and database protection. But there's a major part of their online presence they have absolutely no control over – the third-party scripts that provide services like chat, e-mail, advertising, advanced marketing tools and more. Those scripts are executed directly in the user's browser – and if they have been hacked or compromised, the resulting security risks are now your problem too.

Discovering these compromises is almost impossible – unless you have Source Defense’s Vice's cybersecurity system, the only one that protects sites from third-party script hacking. Using our system, you have complete control over the third-party code that appears on your site – enabling you to protect users from exploits by hackers to steal data, deface your site, spread malware, and destroy the reputation of a website.

  • Prevent vendor outages from affecting your site
  • Prevent Clickjacking
  • Prevent Keylogging
  • Lock sensitive areas
  • Block phishing scams
  • Get real time dashboards and alerts