Company’s Description:

Selected as one of the nine most promising startups of 2016 by Geektime, Source Defense is a real time SAAS solution that protects websites from attacks originated from 3rd party scripts. Whether you realize it or not, almost every website relies on dozens of third parties to provide the best experience to end-users, these are used for advertising, analytics, enhancing visual appearance of the page, or advanced marketing solutions. Source Defense compartmentalizes each such script and allows the website owner to define exactly what each of them can access and do on the page, achieving increased security, compliance and avoiding latency and slowdowns originating from 3rd party scripts.

Open Positions at Source Defense:

General information:

● Full time position
● Start date: June 2018
● Location: Beer-Sheva

About You
You dream and think JavaScript, you know all of the JS tweaks and tricks, you are a fount of knowledge for the team, and love to learn the latest and greatest in browser technologies even if its just fun. - you know the differences between the ES5, ES6 and what will come in the later versions and want to share it with the world. You are organized and methodical and can work with code 

Job Description
Infrastructural, algorithms-rich, non-GUI, complex JavaScript programmer is needed.
The JavaScript is executed in browsers (not Node) and involves extensive usage of all the JavaScript API and in-depth DOM knowledge.
Emphasis on performance (CPU, memory) and elegant writing.

• Technical design and develop new and innovative solutions
• Work independently with little supervision
• Collaborate with other team members.
• Work with obfuscated and unfamiliar code to understand external code
Adviser and the go to person for anything JavaScript in the company

Skills and Qualifications
• At least 5 years' experience, in client side (browser) JavaScript and web systems
• Complete understanding of the native JavaScript language and API.
• Strong understanding of HTML and CSS.
• Complete understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around such issues
• Complete understanding of sync and async JS methodologies and how they can work together
• Deep understanding of HTTP requests and responses
• Experience with tools like Fiddler, Firebug, chrome dev tools
• Flaunt and proficient in both English (spoken and written) – a must
• Able to work in an open space environment
• Willing to work in a startup environment that includes long hours when needed and sometime changes in future road-maps

Nice to have
• Understanding of Agile development methodology
• TypeScript
• Previous experience with Jira

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General information:

● Full time position
● Start date: Immediate
● Location: Beer-Sheva

About you

You are an Automation Engineer with at least 5 years of experience in planning, creating, maintaining, executing and analyzing automation tests. You’ve got solid programming knowledge of WEB technologies like JavaScript, HTML, DOM, Browser debugging, Node.js… You think and build generic & reusable of Automation tests and framework. You take ownership of your tasks and work with others to complete your commitments. You’re self-motivated and work well in teams as well as independently. 

As an Automation Engineer your responsibilities are:

● Designing and building tests and framework from the ground up
● Working closely with your development team
● Working independently with little supervision
● Working with cloud platforms like Azure/GCP/AWS
● Managing you work within Agile methodology 

Skills and Qualifications

● At least 5 years' experience building automation of testing web systems (Client/Server)
● Experience with writing automation in Javascript
● Deep understanding of JavaScript, HTML, DOM and Browser debugging
● Deep understanding of HTTP requests and responses
● Creating automation for different browsers and environments
● Experience with tools like Fiddler, Firebug, chrome dev tools
● Experience in writing test documents (STP)
● Understanding of Agile methodology
● Flaunt and proficient English (spoken and written)
● Able to work in an open space environment
● Willing to work long hours when needed

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